Turtle Set Up:

Syncing your Turtle with your controller

Step 1). Turn controller to ON position and choose either A or B

Step 2). Turn Turtle ON and choose same letter selected on controller (controllers are color coordinated to match their Turtle)

The controller will chime to confirm your Turtle and controller are paired Each Turtle must be set to a different letter to engage in head-to-head battle

How to Charge your Turtle

Step 1) Turn your Turtle to the off position

Step 2) Slide the power switch button on the controller to charge – the red light will illuminate

Step 3) Slide the charging port on the back of your Turtle into the jack on the controller – the green light will illuminate

Step 4) Your Turtle is fully charged when the green light shuts off

Strike Patterns & Battle play:

How to Move Your Turtle Using the Katana Controller

  • Wrap the controller strap around your wrist and firmly grip the katana handle
  • Aim the sensors on the controller at the Turtle
  • Keep a clear path between the Turtle and controller and stay within 3’
  • Move the controller up and Turtle will strike up and step forward left
  • Move the controller down and Turtle will strike down and step forward right
  • Move controller up and down to continuously strike
  • To turn your Turtle, continuously flick the controller up above 45 degree angle
  • To turn your Turtle counterclockwise, flick the controller down at a 20 degree angle

Trapdoor Dojo Arena Assembly

  1. Remove dojo arena from package
  2. Apply stickers to center of dojo arena, Shredder trigger and Foot Clan targets
  3. Attach trapdoors to arena floor (Align with reset button to ensure proper function)
  4. Attach sewer cap counters to each end of the arena
  5. Insert Shredder trap trigger in the center
  6. Insert Foot Clan knock-down targets on each side of the Shredder trigger
  7. Secure sewer cap platforms onto each corner of the arena
  8. Stack 4 sewer caps on each sewer cap platform (1 stack of each color on each side)

Game Modes:

Object: Become a master of motion control battling to defend the honor of Master Splinter by taking down your opponent in a series of battle games

    Three Ways to Play

    Two-Player Game Modes

  1. Sewer Cap Slash: Score the most points by knocking down your Turtle’s sewer caps and the Foot Clan targets. Go for an instant win by hitting Shredder and activating one of the trapdoors for a knock over
    • Select a sewer cap color
    • To start game, place both Turtles back-to-back in the center of the arena
    • Each sewer cap of your color that is knocked out of the arena is worth 1 point. Knocking over a Foot Clan target is worth 2 points
    • The game ends when either all sewer caps and Foot Clan targets are knocked down, or if your opponent is caught in a trapdoor

  2. Head-To-Head: Take your opponent head-on in a one-on-one competition. Knock down your opponent to win!
  3. One-Player Game Mode

  4. Training Mode: Set up your opposing Turtle in Auto Drone Mode to hone your motion control skills against an automated opponent