How To Play

Warrior Set Up:

SYNCH Your Warrior & Controller

Step 1) Turn controller to ON position and choose either A or B
Step 2) Turn warrior ON and choose same letter selected on controller
The controller will chime to confirm your robot and controller are paired
Each warrior must be set to a different letter to engage in head-to-head battle

CHARGING Your Warrior

Step 1) Turn your warrior to the off position
Step 2) Slide the power switch button on the controller to charge – the red light will illuminate
Step 3) Slide the charging port on the back of your warrior into the jack on the controller – the green light will illuminate
Step 4) Your robot is fully charged when the green light shuts off

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Strike Patterns & Battle play:

How to Move Your Warrior Using the Katana Controller

  • Wrap the controller strap around your wrist and firmly grip the katana handle
  • Aim the sensors on the controller at the warrior.
  • Keep a clear path between the robot and controller and stay within 3'
  • Move the controller up and warrior will strike up and step forward left
  • Move the controller down and warrior will strike down and step forward right
  • Move controller up and down to continuously strike
  • To turn your robot continuously flick the controller up above 45 degree angle
  • To turn your robot counter clockwise flick the controller down at a 20 degree angle

How to Play

  • Place robots facing each other in the middle of the arena
  • Battle using the strike patterns
  • Win by knocking your opponent down

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Special Moves:

Your warrior comes with four special moves.

  1. Wild Cross

    • Press down power move button
    • Move the controller from left to right quickly without changing directions
    • Slowly bring the controller upwards… then swing down quickly
    • You will hear “sheen” sound if done correctly & warrior will continually attack up and down
  2. Moon Slash

    • Press down power move button
    • Swing controller downward, then draw two circles
    • You will hear “sheen” sound if done correctly & warrior will continually attack up and down
  3. Freeze

    • Press down special move button
    • Hold the controller horizontally
    • Tap it against your free hand
    • When preformed successfully, the opponents warrior will become momentarily immobilized
  4. Auto Drone

    • Synch warrior and controller
    • Hold down special move button
    • A horn will sound, and warrior will begin to move on its own for two minutes